Program Overview


Commercial Glass Service

The subscription curbside glass program is a voluntary program in which  businesses can "opt-in" for the service. For a monthly fee, businesses can deposit glass into a wheeled cart and take it to the curb where it will be collected by Republic Services. Program guidelines

  • Sign up: Place orders by phone at (208) 384-3735 or send an e-mail to

    Please provide the following information when signing up:
    • Name on account
    • Account number
    • Contact name and phone number (if different from name on account)
  • Monthly fee (per cart): $5.60 (1 cart max. for residents; 2 carts max. for businesses).
  • Collection schedule: Glass is collected every four weeks. View collection calendar.
  • Cart size:  65-gallon grey cart with reflective decals on the lid and around the body.
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