Collection Guidelines


Commercial Trash

Commercial customers have a wide variety of trash service options available. 

Service Options

Regular Weekly Service
Republic Services provides containers and collects trash at least once weekly. Rates are based on the size and number of containers and the number of times they are emptied per week. See the rate schedule for container and collection frequency options.

Temporary Service
Republic Services provides containers, container delivery and collection for short term waste and recycle projects such as a remodel or construction & demolition sites. Republic Services delivers containers within two business days.   

On-call Service
The customer may call Republic Services for collection on an as-needed basis. On-call containers vary in type from dumpsters, roll-offs, and compactors. Sizes vary from 3-yard to 40-yard roll-offs and all sizes of compactors. Usually scheduled to haul the next business day. On-call boxes are not hauled on weekends or holidays.

Additional Collections
Additional collections are available from Republic Services on a by-request basis (separate fees apply). Collections are typically scheduled for the next business day. For this service level the containers are usually Republic Services-provided dumpsters.

Commercial Cart Service
This service level is appropriate for smaller businesses that don't generate enough waste for a commercial dumpster. 

Restricted and Prohibited Materials

Restricted:sod, dirt, rocks, concrete and asphalt/shingles. These materials can damage collection equipment. Customers must limit volumes of such materials unless prior arrangements are made with Republic Services.

Prohibited:liquid waste, fluorescent light tubes, grease/fats, computer monitors, televisions, vehicle tires and batteries, used motor oil, and hazardous wastes, including pesticides, chemicals, paint and paint thinner. It is unlawful to dispose of these materials in the landfill.

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