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Boise is a city that values lasting environments, innovative enterprises, and vibrant communities. The way we manage our resources is a crucial part of our city’s future, and as our population grows, so does the amount of waste generated.  Did you know that over 45% of all waste that Boise households sent to the landfill is compostable?  

That's about to change.

Curbside compost collection, coming this summer, offers many benefits to residents, including:

  • Unlimited weekly collection of grass, leaves, branches, fruits, vegetables, and more
  • Finished compost available free for residents
  • Compost cart will be serviced the same day as your trash
  • Makes it easy for you to reduce waste
  • Extend landfill life by reusing organic material
  • The entire cycle is completed here, locally

Kitchen Collection Pail

Have the convenience of collecting fruit and vegetable scraps by purchasing a kitchen collection pail. If you would like to order a pail for $7.50, call Republic Services at 208-345-1266.

  • 1.9-gallon capacity, 9.5” tall, 11” wide, 8.5” deep
  • Easily fits under sink, cupboard, countertop or corner areas
  • Ventilation holes minimize odor by allowing moisture to evaporate
  • Ergonomic swing handle allows single-hand transport



June 1 - August: Cart Delivery Period

  • Based on your selections during the cart ordering period, carts will be delivered and/or picked up.
  • Once your compost cart has been delivered, start composting! Set your compost cart out on your regular trash collection day for pick-up.