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 Your new compost cart will be delivered this summer. Here's what you need to know to start composting!

Delivery (June - August):

Be on the lookout for your tag.

One week before your cart is delivered, you'll see a notification tag on your trash cart. The tag will have important delivery and cart exchange information as well as helpful compost tips.

On your normal trash collection day, your compost cart will be delivered. If you made changes to your cart configuration during the March ordering period, cart exchanges/removal will take place at this time. Please note that changes may take an extra day or two, so leave carts out until they are exchanged or removed.


  • Only compost program participants receive year-round leaf collection
  • By participating in the compost program, customers receive the lowest rate
  • Compost cart is conveniently serviced the same day as your trash
  • Finished compost is available free to residents

Cart tips:

  A few simple steps will keep your new compost cart clean and reduce potential odors

  • Set out cart every week (even when it's not full). Regular collection will make sure material doesn't sit in your cart too long.
  • Store cart in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Place kitchen scraps in layers between grass, leaves or other garden material.
  • Line your cart with newspaper or a piece of cardboard to keep material from sticking to the bottom of your cart.
  • Use paper bags (not plastic) to keep kitchen scraps contained.

Kitchen Collection Pail

Have the convenience of collecting fruit and vegetable scraps by purchasing a kitchen collection pail. If you would like to order a pail for $7.50, call Republic Services at 208-345-1266.