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Boise is a city that values lasting environments, innovation and resourcefulness. The way we manage our resources is a crucial part of the city’s future, and as our population grows, so does the amount of waste generated.  Did you know that over 45% of all waste that Boise households sent to the landfill is compostable?  

Curbside compost collection is coming this summer. This exciting new service will reduce waste, extend landfill life and give the City of Boise more control over long-term resource management costs.

With compost collection, Boise residents will turn material bound for the landfill into a valuable and reusable product. Rather than being buried forever, compostable material is given new life that residents can use at their own home. From setting out the new cart on your curb, to receiving finished compost, the entire cycle is completed here, locally.



The Curb It compost collection program offers many benefits to residents:

  • Unlimited weekly collection of grass, leaves, branches, fruits, vegetables, and more
  • Finished compost available free for residents
  • Compost cart will be serviced the same day as your trash
  • Makes it easy for you to reduce waste
  • Extend landfill life by reusing organic material

Acceptable Compost Materials




March 1 - March 31: Cart Ordering Period

  • Review your default cart size and select a different size compost cart if necessary
  • Reduce the number of current trash carts
  • Change the size of trash/recycling carts
  • Opt-out of the composting program or receive a home composting waiver
  • Purchase a kitchen collection pail

June 1 - August: Cart Delivery Period

  • Based on your selections during the cart ordering period, carts will be delivered and/or picked up.
  • Once your compost cart has been delivered, start composting! Set your compost cart out on your regular trash collection day for pick-up.

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