Drop-off Sites
(Residents Only)


Glass Collection Program

Residents may drop off glass at any of the collection sites located throughout Boise. Please help keep the sites clean and safe by following these guidelines:

General Guidelines

  • All types of glass bottles and jars (clear and colored) are accepted.
  • Remove lids, caps, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes before depositing glass.
  • Do not leave plastic or paper bags, cardboard boxes, or garbage at the drop-off sites. 

Items not accepted at the sites:

  • Light bulbs
  • Porcelain or ceramic products (including Pyrex)
  • Mirrors 
  • Window glass
  • Fish tanks
  • Fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs are hazardous waste and should be disposed of properly. See the Hazardous Waste Disposal section for more information.

Locations (map)


East Boise

  • East Boise - 2205 E. Goodman Street (behind the Idaho Botanical Garden)

Southeast Boise

  • Fire Station #3 - 2202 Gekeler Ln. (off Boise Ave.)
  • Office Max - 2509 S. Broadway
  • Fire Station #12 - 3240 Hwy. 21, Boise (near Columbia Village)

Boise State University

  • 1350 S. Earle St

North Boise

  • Albertsons - 1650 W. State St. (16th and State St)


Boise Bench

  • Albertsons - 1653 S. Vista Ave.
  • Country Club Plaza - 4500 Overland Rd., Boise
  • Pacific Recycling - 5120 W. Emerald

West Boise

  • Republic Services - 11101 W. Executive Dr. (west of Five Mile Rd.)
  • Fire Station #6 - 6933 W. Franklin, Boise
  • Fire Station #10 - 12065 W. McMillan, Boise (McMillan & Cloverdale)
  • Albertsons - 10700 Ustick Rd. (corner of Five Mile and Ustick)

Northwest Boise

  • Albertsons - 3614 W. State St. (36th and State)

South Boise

  • Western Recycling - 1990 S. Cole Road
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