Collection Guidelines


Residential Glass Service

Every household that subscribes to the curbside glass collection program is provided with a 65-gallon gray cart. The following guidelines will ensure that glass placed at the curb can be collected safely. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in the driver refusing to collect the cart.

Glass Collection Guidelines

  • Set out the cart by 7:00 am and place the cart at least three feet away from other carts.
  • All glass must be placed inside the glass cart AND the lid must close. Do not overfill the cart. Overfilled carts will spill glass into the street when the cart is emptied into the truck.
  • Only empty glass bottles and jars will be collected. Discard lids, caps, and corks and lightly rinse the container. Broken bottles and jars are okay.
  • Do not place trash or non-glass recyclables in the "Glass Only" cart.
  • No mirrors, windows, Pyrex, dishes, fish tanks, light bulbs, or ceramics are accepted.
  • Extra glass may be taken to any of the glass collection sites located around Boise.
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