Multiple Trash Cart Price Change


This summer, additional trash carts will increase in price to reflect the actual cost of service. Consider reducing the number of trash carts to one to save on your monthly utility bill. Remember your new compost cart will take all of your lawn and garden materials year-round with weekly collection.


How much will my additional trash cart(s) cost?

Currently, the monthly cost for the first additional trash cart is $1.11, and each additional cart is $2.21. Beginning this summer, each additional trash cart will cost $5.00 per month to reflect the actual cost of service.

How can I reduce my multiple trash carts to one?

From March 1 - March 31, you can reduce your number of trash carts at no cost. Visit or call 208-345-1266 to make the change. Your extra cart(s) will be picked up on the same day your new compost cart is delivered this summer.


Am I required to reduce the number of trash carts I have?

No, you may have up to three trash carts. However, each extra trash cart will increase in price beginning this summer.

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