Compost Program


Did you know that over 45% of Boise household waste in the landfill is compostable? Beginning in the summer 2017, Boise residents can keep compostable materials out of the landfill with Curb It's curbside compost collection program. The program will provide residents a wheeled cart for yard material and kitchen scraps that will be collected weekly along with your trash.


  • Convenient year-round collection of kitchen scraps, leaves, and yard trimmings
  • Unlimited weekly leaf collection year-round - fill compost cart first, then use paper leaf bags for any additional leaves or yard material
  • Finished compost will be available free to participating residents
  • Easy way for residents to reduce waste
  • Landfill life will be extended by diverting and reusing organic material
  • Natural product that is locally produced on city-owned Twenty Mile South farm

Materials Collected

  • Leaves and Grass Clippings
  • Limbs and Branches
  • Pinecones and Needles
  • Garden Cleanup
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Peels, Seeds, and Cores
  • Tea and Coffee Grounds (Filters OK)
  • Eggshells
  • Christmas trees
  • Untreated Wood Scraps

Program Fundamentals

  • Available Cart Sizes: 48, 65, 95-gallon grey cart with green lid
  • Collection Schedule: Weekly collection on the same day as regular trash day.
  • Monthly Rate Increase: It is estimated that about 80% of customers will see an increase of about $3.40 in their monthly trash pickup rates, depending on the level of service they choose. Customers who choose a different level of service, such as having multiple compost carts, or decide against participating in the citywide program would see a different monthly rate structure.
  • Finished Product: A portion of the compost will be available free of charge to participating customers. The remaining compost will be used at city-owned facilities (e.g. parks, golf courses) and sold to wholesale companies with resulting revenue being rolled back into the program.
  • Home Composter Waiver: A waiver will be available to customers who compost at home and compost all appropriate materials from their property (e.g. leaves, kitchen scraps, grass, etc.). Eligible customers must agree to the waiver conditions and will see a total rate increase of $3.40. Customers with a waiver will not receive any of the program benefits, such as curbside leaf collection.
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