Recycle the Fall
(leaf collection)


Yard Waste

Recycle the Fall is a citywide, curbside collection program that runs from November 1 - December 2, 2016. 

Curbside leaf disposal options

  • Set your leaves out in compostable paper leaf bags.  Bags must be left open. These leaves will be used for compost, mulch, or animal bedding.
  • Place leaves in your trash cart. These leaves will be combined with trash and buried in the landfill. Avoid placing leaves in your recycling cart.The recycle cart is only for paper, metal, and plastics (as described on the sticker on the underside of the blue cart lid). No yard waste belongs in the blue cart at any time.
  • Place leaves in a 20-32 gallon trash can and attach an "overflow" sticker. These leaves will be combined with trash and buried in the landfill.

Please note: Leaves left in plastic bags must be placed inside your trash cart (or in a 20-32 gallon trash can with an overflow sticker). Plastic bags of leaves (or trash) left at the curb will not be collected.

Participate in Curbside Leaf Collection for Composting

Participation is easy! Curbside leaf collection is free, and you'll be saving space in your trash cart, as well as helping your community conserve landfill space and capture a valuable resource. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Redeem the discount coupon (Located on the annual recycling calendar that is mailed to customers in January every year) The coupon is good for $2.00 off each 5-count package of bags. Most grocery, home improvement, and hardware stores accept the coupon, but customers should check with the store. You can purchase up to 5 packages with your coupon and save $10.00! Limit: one coupon per household.
  • Set out leaf bags by 7:00 a.m. They may be collected anytime between 7:00 a.m and 9:00 p.m. Republic Services runs two separate routes: one to collect trash, and one to collect leaves. In some cases, they may collect your leaves first, and in other cases they may collect your trash first and return later for the leaves.  

Questions? Contact the Boise Public Works Department at (208) 384-3901 or Republic Services at (208) 345-1266.

Did you know?

The leaf collection dates are set by the City to try to capture as many leaves as possible. Some leaves fall early and some leaves fall late. The weather every year is different and also hard to predict. The City has to have a schedule for the contractor to follow and the collection dates are set one year in advance when the calendar dates are determined. It is also up to Ada County and the contractor that takes leaves for recycling. They limit the time frame leaves can be accepted.

If you can compost or mulch your leaves in your own yard - they return a lot of valuable nutrients to your soils and flower beds.

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