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CurbIt Boise

Leaf Collection Delays

Due to the incredible amount of leaves and compostable material being set out across Boise, there have been some delays in collection. Additional trucks have been brought in to help and routes have been added. If your leaf bags or compost cart were not collected on your normal collection day, please keep them out, as crews are working hard to get them collected as soon as possible. Collection may occur in the evenings.

For any questions, please contact or (208) 345-1266. Thank you for your patience and participation.


Compost Cart In Yard



Boise's new residential curbside compost collection keeps material out of the landfill and turns it into a useful product that will improve soil in landscapes across the city.


Recycling Cart with Cardboard Box



We offer curbside recycling collection for residents and businesses. Recyclable materials include aluminum & steel, corrugated cardboard, paper, plastics and even motor oil.


Trash Cart and Person



In addition to curbside trash collection for residents and businesses, special collection weeks, overflow pick-up, and large item pick-up are available.