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Fall is here. Think waste-wise!

As we enter the holiday season, we're reminded of the many ways we can manage wastes.


After the ghouls, witches and goblins have hung up their hats for the year, don't forget that you can compost pumpkins. A few reminders before you toss Jack-O-Lanterns in the compost cart:

  • Please no painted pumpkins! Paint is not compostable, so please put your painted masterpieces in the trash cart.
  • Remove any candles or lights from inside the pumpkin
  • Take off decorations (googly eyes, felt, etc)

Fall decorations such as gourds, corn stalks, etc. can all go in your compost cart. As you are prepping your Thanksgiving meals, keep in mind that vegetable and fruit scraps such as potato peelings, carrot tops and apple cores are all great for compost.

And of course, leaves can go into the compost cart year-round!

Accepted Materials


Turkey Time! Many ingredients used for the big dinner come in recyclable packaging. Tin and aluminum cans, cardboard boxes and even tin foil can go loose in your recycling cart. Make sure that anything you recycle is rinsed of any food scraps, and please ball up your foil so it is easier for our machines to process.

TRASH OR TREAT!! Mountains of candy turning into mountains of trash? Plastic candy wrappers can go into your orange EnergyBags! Be sure to sort out all the paper and cardboard wrappers to be recycled loose in the blue carts.

Recycling Overview


Household Hazardous Waste

If you are cleaning out the garage or finishing up outside painting projects, you can safely dispose of lawn and garden chemicals, paint, stain and varnish and household chemicals at any household hazardous waste mobile collection site located around Boise.

Program Details



Unfortunately, many materials that we use for the holidays end up in the trash.

  • Vinyl lawn decorations or toys
  • Tin roasting pans for turkey -unless you are able to remove all the grease and food- then it can go in the blue cart
  • Paper plates- these are coated in wax and can't be recycled as paper
  • Compostable bags or plates- our facility is not able to compost these materials

What Goes in the Trash



Not sure what to do with your leftover costumes? Here are a few ideas:

  • Hold on to dresses, capes and masks for younger kids to play dress up
  • Swap costumes with your friends and neighbors for next year
  • Keep costumes for younger kids in the family to use when they get bigger
  • Donate to thrift stores


Already thinking about winter holidays? Check back for recycling, trash and composting tips.


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