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'Tis the Season! Think 'less is more' for your holiday waste

Here are a few tips on reducing waste this season:

Holiday Meal Prep

When you are shopping for your big meal this year, make sure to take your reusable shopping bags with you. Whenever possible, try to choose items with less packaging.

While cooking, keep a composting pale on the counter. All of your vegetable and fruit scraps (potato peelings, carrot tops, apple cores, etc) can go into your compost cart. Remember no plastic can go in your compost, so put kitchen scraps in a paper bag before taking it out.

Holiday Parties

Hosting a party this year? Maybe having the whole family over for a big meal? Reduce waste by using your own dishes rather than paper or plastic plates. Paper plates, once covered in food, have to go into the trash. Plastic plates are often acceptable in your EnergyBags, just make sure to check the number on the bottom. Plastic items #4, #5, #6, #7 go in your energy bags, plates and plastic cutlery that are marked #1 go in the trash.

Also, fabric napkins are a great investment as they can be washed at home and used year after year.

Shipping and Packaging

Reuse boxes and shipping materials whenever you can to ship items to friends or family. After online shopping, put cardboard and paper in your blue cart, and packing material such as bubble wrap, plastic airbags, or foam into your EnergyBags. Packing peanuts have to go into the trash, so they are a great item to reuse in your own shipping.

Presents and the Tree

Stuck on what gifts to buy? Try shopping local to reduce the packaging of shipping. You could also consider giving the gift of an experience such as a massage or concert tickets.

Did you know that your wrapping paper can be recycled? As long as it is paper, not foil, and isn't covered in glitter, go ahead and toss that into your blue carts. If you are looking to reduce waste this year, considering giving gifts in reusable bags.

After the merriment has passed, don't forget to compost your tree and wreath (if they are real trees of course). Please cut trees into four foot segments and put them out with your compost cart. For both your tree and wreath, make sure that all lights, wire, and decorations are off the tree before you compost it.

Wrapped gifts under tree