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As the temperatures drop, so do the's time to "Compost the Fall". Curbside collection makes it easy to manage leaves and other fall yard material.

Participating Compost Program Customers

  • Fill your compost cart first, then place any extra materials in paper leaf bags and set out near your cart for collection. (The cart must be available so the driver can put in leaf bags, then empty the cart into the truck.) No plastic bags will be collected. Pet owners: please pick up pet waste and dispose of it properly. Pet waste is not accepted in the compost program.

  • Put tree limbs and branches into your compost cart or bundle them with non-plastic string and place them near your cart. Keep bundles shorter than four feet long and less than 60 pounds.

  • Set out your compost cart and extra paper leaf bags by 7 a.m. and leave them out until collected.

  • Reminder: Paper leaf bags should be placed at the curb, not on the sidewalk where they can block pedestrian access.

Customers that Don’t Participate in the Compost Program

Customers that don't participate in the compost program have three options:

  • Put leaves into your trash cart or personal garbage can (with overflow sticker) for disposal in the landfill. Set bundled branches next to trash cart with overflow sticker. Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected even if they have an overflow sticker. Leaves should never be placed into your blue recycling cart. 

    Reminder: You can take advantage of convenient year-round collection and sign up for the compost program. No overflow stickers are needed when you become a participating compost program customer. Call 208-608-7460 to sign up and start composting now.

  • Take paper leaf bags to the Ada County Landfill (no charge) between Oct. 16 and Dec. 22. Contact the Ada County Landfill at 208-577-4725 for more information. The Republic Services transfer station will also take leaves. Call 208-362-7564 for dates and times. The leaves will be reused for agricultural purposes. Paper leaf bags can only be filled with leaves and small plants; trash is not accepted.

  • Take leaves (in paper leaf bags only) to a drop-off location where they will be taken for recycling. Containers will be available November 22nd to December 4th.

    • Elm Grove Park, 220 W. Irene St.
    • Cassia Park, 4600 W. Camas St.


Leaves in Compost Cart