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Kitchen Collection Pails

Thought you missed out ordering a kitchen collection pail? We have a new supply of collection pails available for sale. Each pail holds 1.9 gallons of kitchen scraps and is 11 inches wide x 9.5 inches tall. To order, call 208-608-7136 or use the contact form. Cost is $7.50. We can bill your account (preferred) or take checks (payable to City of Boise). Pick up the collection pail at Boise City Hall or request delivery (pail will be delivered approx. one week after order date).



Keeping Your Cart Clean

Using Your Compost Cart


Cart tips

A few simple steps will keep your new compost cart clean and reduce potential odors.

  • Set out cart every week (even when it's not full). Regular collection will make sure material doesn't sit in your cart too long.
  • Line your cart with newspaper or a piece of cardboard to keep material from sticking to the bottom of your cart.
  • Store cart in cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Place kitchen scraps in layers between grass, leaves or other garden material.
  • Use paper bags (not plastic) to keep kitchen scraps contained.
  • If your cart needs to be cleaned, rinse out your cart with a hose and dump rinse water out on your lawn (not in a storm drain).



  • Compost collection is unlimited. Simply fill your cart first, then place any extra materials in paper leaf bags and set out next to your cart for collection. (The cart must be available so the driver can put in leaf bags, then empty the cart into the truck.)
  • Finished compost is available free to participating residents. | CHECK AVAILABILITY
  • Only compost program participants receive year-round leaf collection.
  • By participating in the compost program, customers receive the lowest rate.
  • Compost cart is conveniently serviced the same day as your trash.


What Can I Compost?

Yard and garden waste, grass kitchen scraps and much more can be composted.
Get a complete listing by visiting the Accepted Materials page.




For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.