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Bagging Recyclables

Smaller businesses can empty the recycling bin into the recycle cart or dumpster without using a bag. Larger businesses can use clear bags to collect the recyclable materials then empty the bag contents into the recycling container. All accepted items must be loose in the recycling container.

Bags are a constant problem for recycling facilities because they get stuck in the conveyor belts and other equipment used to sort recyclables. Removing bags from our recycling allows us to focus on collecting quality materials and increasing the value of the commercial recyclable materials.

Plastics Recycling

Only bottles, jugs and jars that are marked with #1 or #2 are accepted (with exception to plastic water bottles).

No. We do not accept any plastic films, plastic wraps or shrink wrap. These materials clog the sorting lines. Contamination increases labor costs at the sorting facility because they have to shut down equipment to remove the unwanted materials and send them to the landfill.

The changes to plastics are considered permanent. Removing these plastics from recycling allows the City to focus on the overall quality of the valuable recyclable materials and keep costs as low as possible for trash and recycling services.

Hefty® EnergyBag™

At this time the Hefty® EnergyBag™ program is limited to residential customers. We are evaluating options for expanding this program to businesses and other commercial customers within the next year.