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What Goes In - Recycle Cart

These items can be tossed loose into the blue recycle cart. Please do not bag items before placing them into the cart (Bags get caught in sorting machines).



Aluminum Cans


Aluminum and Steel Cans

A light rinse may be all it takes to remove food. Otherwise, thoroughly rinse to remove heavy residue. No need to remove labels.


Aluminum Foil Trays


Aluminum Foil

Including foil trays. Rinse, if foil is covered with food residue.

Boxes of cereal



Empty cereal, cracker, cookie and shoe boxes.

Flattened Cardboard



Flatten cardboard boxes and cut up any boxes larger than three feet in any direction. Do not include plastic or wax-coated cardboard or pizza boxes.


PaperCardsWith Envelopes



Paper, including envelopes, without foil or glitter.

Stack of junk mail


Junk Mail

Including all colors of scrap paper and envelopes (windows & labels okay) and post cards.




Including catalogs and telephone books.

Miscellaneous Paper


Miscellaneous Paper

Including copier and printer paper, fax paper, construction paper, stationery, file folders, note paper, computer paper, brochures, coupons, Post-it notes, shredded paper.




Including ads and other paper inserts. Do not include rubber bands or plastic bags.

Paper egg carton


Paper Egg Cartons

Paper only. Place foam egg cartons in orange bag or in trash cart.

Plastic Jugs


Plastic beverage and detergent bottles

Including soft drink, juice, laundry and dishwasher detergent bottles made with hard, rigid (not crinkly or flexible) plastic. Lightweight crinkly or flexible plastic water bottles must go into your trash cart.

Wrapping Paper


Wrapping Paper

Including tissue paper, craft paper and paper without shiny or glitter coating. Foil and glitter coated wrapping paper must be thrown in the trash.


Used motor oil container next to trash cart



Recycle up to two gallons per household per week.

Set out a non-returnable, transparent plastic container next to your trash cart.

  • Label container "Used Motor Oil".
  • Avoid mixing oil with other fluids (gasoline, antifreeze, water). The oil becomes contaminated and cannot be recycled.