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Finding a solution to a difficult problem

Beginning this spring, the City of Boise will launch the Hefty® EnergyBagTM program. The program offers an innovative way to keep plastics that can no longer be recycled out of the landfill. Utilizing technology offered by a Salt Lake City-based company called Renewlogy, plastics that would otherwise head to the landfill will instead be turned into readily usable fuel.

What do I need to know?

  • There are no changes in Boise's recycling collection program at this time. Continue to recycle as usual.
  • More plastics accepted than before: The new program will allow Boise residents to collect more types of plastics and put them to good use rather than being sent to the landfill.
  • More information is coming. As we get closer to the program launch, you'll receive important information about the Hefty® EnergyBagTM program and how to use it in your home.


In 2017, China announced a ban on specific plastic recyclables and set strict standards on other types of material. These restrictions have had serious impacts on the ability of cities across the country to continue to recycle as usual.

With the new restrictions in place, there are no buyers for many of the plastics that we now recycle. With no one willing to buy our used materials, there is essentially nowhere to send them. Boise has been working to develop a sustainable solution that will ensure most plastics are kept out of the landfill, and managed regionally, rather than shipped overseas.

What can I do now?

  • Keep non-recyclable materials out of your recycling cart. Some of the worst offenders are plastic films and bags that clog the sorting lines. These include shrink wrap, bubble wrap, plastic grocery bags and bread bags.
  • Putting items that are not recyclable in your cart can actually do more harm than good, increasing cost and labor for sorting facilities.

For information about what can be recycled, please visit our Accepted Materials page.

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If you have questions about changes in the recycling program, please contact us.

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