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What can I compost? | Accepted Materials Chart

  • Leaves, branches, limbs, tree stumps
  • Grass clippings
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Yard and garden cleanup
  • Coffee grounds and filters
  • Tea bags
  • Eggshells
  • Pine cones and needles

Some weeks I have more compostable material than will fit in my cart, what should I do?

Compost collection is unlimited. Simply fill your cart first, then place any extra materials in paper leaf bags and set out next to your cart for collection. Place bags at the curb and not on the sidewalk where they can block pedestrian access.

Can I use compostable plastic bags?

We do not accept compostable plastic bags at this time. It is difficult for the collection crew to be able to tell if a bag is compostable when they collect the materials.

For kitchen scraps, use a paper bag or wrap scraps in newspaper when you put them in your cart.

Can I compost large tree stumps and limbs and wood waste?

Yes. Put stumps and limbs in your cart if they fit. If your cart is full, you can set out large stumps and limbs (up to 4 feet in length and less than 60 pounds) beside your cart and they will be collected. Bundle limbs and tie with cotton string only. (Materials such as nylon string or duct tape are not compostable). Untreated, unpainted, non-pressure treated wood and sawdust are also collected.

What about Recycle the Fall?

Recycle the Fall is now Compost the Fall. With the new compost collection program, participating customers can set out unlimited amounts of leaves year round for weekly pickup.  Simply fill the compost cart first, then set out as many paper leaf bags as you need. No overflow stickers needed. Non-participating customers have other options to dispose of leaves and other yard material. Refer to the Compost the Fall page for more information.


Finished Compost

Will finished compost be available to customers?

Finished compost will be available at no additional cost to participating customers.  The remaining compost may be used at city-owned facilities (e.g. parks, golf courses) or wholesaled, with revenue rolled back into the program.

When will it be available?

On Nov. 18, participating customers will be able to pick up finished compost at several neighborhood locations at the Compost Give Back Event. Beginning Nov. 20, ongoing collection will be available at two sites: Boise WaterShed (11818 W. Joplin Rd.) and Idaho Botanical Garden from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m, Mon - Fri. Ongoing collection is self-serve.

Where is the compost produced?

The compost is locally produced at the compost facility located on a designated area of the City of Boise's Twenty Mile South Farm.


 What if my compost didn't get collected?

Republic Services is responsible for trash, recycling and compost collection in Boise. If you set your materials out on time and service was missed, call 208-345-1266.

Other Questions

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