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What Goes In - Hefty® EnergyBag®

All plastic items marked as a #4 - #7 can go in the EnergyBags. In addition, the following plastic items are accepted in EnergyBags whether they have a #4 - #7 number on them or not.  Place empty, clean and dry accepted items before putting into bag. Paper, metal or cardboard are not accepted.


Bread Bag


Bags and film

Plastic food wrap, grocery bags, shopping bags, freezer bags, produce bags, bread bags, food storage bags, salad and other types of film.




Dairy tubs and lids

Including yogurt, pudding, butter and margarine and cottage cheese containers.


Disposable Dinnerware


Disposable dinnerware

Including plates, bowls, cups and utensils.


Deoderant Sticks


Deodorant Sticks

Deodorant sticks must be empty.


Foam containers


Foam containers

Including cups, trays, egg cartons, meat trays, bowls, plates and foam (not plastic) "to-go" hinged-lid (clamshell) boxes.


Plastic lids and caps


Lids and Caps

Including "to-go" beverage cup lids, bottle caps and milk/juice jug caps.


Bubble wrap in box


Packing and shipping materials

Including bubble wrap, plastic mailing envelopes, air packs and air pillows, shrink wrap. Paper manila envelopes with bubble wrap must be thrown in the trash. Cardboard boxes can thrown in the blue cart.


Cereal Package Liners


Package Liners

Packaging liners inside boxes of baking mix, cake mix, flour, snacks, crackers and cereal.


Juice pouches



Including stand up, squeezable (portable yogurt, applesauce), juice, laundry, microwavable and take-out condiments. Portable foil-lined pouches are not accepted.


Butter in single serve container


Single serve containers

Including coffee pods (without coffee), cream, butter, and "grab and go" snack (peanut butter,  salad dressing, hummus, etc.) containers. 


Six-pack rings and holders


Six-pack rings and holders

Including flimsy plastic rings and solid plastic disc six-pack holders.


Plastic Straws



Including drinking straws and stirrers.


Toothpaste tubes


Toothpaste tubes

Toothpaste and health and beauty items such as, lotions, creams and hair products in tubes can be thrown into the bag without being cut open and rinsed. The small amount of product left in the tube will be handled in the process.


Snack Bag


Wrappers and food packaging

Including snack bags, potato chip bags, candy wrappers, cheese wrappers, packaged lunch meat and hot dogs or sausages, frozen food and plastic pet food bags.